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Start healing the underlying causes of autism in your child. Here, we share what parents have found as being effective.


Many parents of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD's) report improvements in behavior when their children eat an organic, non-GMO diet free of the proteins gluten, casein and soy. Food dye, artificial colors and flavors and MSG should be eliminated from your child's diet.

Removing Environmental Toxins

Research shows that autism is caused by the body reaching a 'toxic load.' Removing all possible environmental toxins that your child is exposed to is crucial; from metals and plastics used in cookware to the water they drink and bathe in, to the heavy metals used in flame retardants. It is vital that all known toxins be removed from your child's environment.

Genetic Testing

Many children with autism have other underlying issues that can be found through genetic testing. Whether MTHFR mutations that affect methylation or mitochondrial disease, knowing and treating genetic issues can greatly improve the lives of those living with autism.

ANRC Multivitamin

ANRC Essentials is an improved version of a vitamin/mineral supplement demonstrated to greatly improve nutritional status of children and adults with autism in a major randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled research study at Arizona State University (ASU).

Music Therapy

A 2004 study from the Journal of Music Therapy found that music in interventions used with children and teens with ASD can improve social behaviors, increase focus and attention, increase communication attempts (vocalizations, verbalizations, gestures, and vocabulary), reduce anxiety, and improve body awareness and coordination.

Low Dose Chelation

A frequent low dose chelation method, based on chelator half-lives developed by PhD chemist, Andrew Cutler after he discovered he himself had heavy metal poisoning. Since 1999, many children have had great success in healing underlying causes of autism through his protocol. It is safe, inexpensive, and doesn't require monitoring by a doctor.

Vision Therapy

Behavioral optometrists use lenses and vision therapy to help children on the autism spectrum maximize their potential to use the visual process and improve their chances to develop a broad range of skills
that require the continued development of the visual process.

Ion-Cleanse by AMD

Clearing out toxicity is the critical step in your journey. Toxicity wreaks havoc on children’s neurological, endocrine, and digestive systems. Detoxification in a gentle and comfortable fashion, as  with the IonCleanse® by AMD, enhances the effectiveness of other therapies. In a recent study, participants had an average of a 35% reduction in their ATEC scores over 3 months. 

Everything Spectrum

Everything Spectrum is dedicated to providing high quality nutritional supplements that are unequaled in potency, purity and quality.  They understand that improved health contributes to a higher quality of life. They design and distribute the purest and most bio-available nutritional supplement while being mindful that among the consumers of our products are the most sensitive children with compromised immune system, dysfunctional digestive disorders and the highest nutritional needs. They carry supplements that support Andy Cutler Chelation.

Sensory Learning

The Sensory Learning Program is a foundational intervention. It encourages parents to explore the Program as one of the first interventions attempted. The reasons for this are twofold: First, the benefits of the Sensory Learning Program are significant on their own. But equally important, because the Sensory Learning Program works on the ground-level sensory perception of the child, where the process of learning begins, it often improves the effectiveness of other interventions that follow.


Yoga often provides the following benefits for those with ASD:
-Reduction of pain
-Reduction of aggression
-Reduction of obsessive and self-stimulatory behaviors
-Reduction of anxiety
-More control in regulating anxiety and emotions
-The joy of sharing class with others and making new friends
When someone with ASD can feel more calm and comfortable in his body, with less pain and anxiety, it is easier for him to control his behavior, learn new skills and enjoy social interactions.

Camel Milk

A study published in the 2005 edition of the “International Journal of Human Development” observed the effects of camel milk consumption, instead of cow milk, on autistic people. Researchers discovered that after a 4-year-old female participant drank camel milk for 40 days, her autism symptoms disappeared. A 15-year-old boy also recovered after 30 days of drinking the milk. In addition, several autistic 21-year-olds consumed camel milk for two weeks and were observed to be quieter and
less self-destructive.


CBD oil and hemp derived Cannabinoids may be perfect for treatment of the overwhelming symptoms associated with autism. Many parents report improved behaivors with the use of CBD Oil. Please note that CBD oil does not contain THC, and thus does not cause a 'high' feeling when used.

Chiropractic Care

Studies and parent testimonials have shown that spinal manipulation (particularly upper cervical adjusting) may help with some symptoms of autism, in addition to overall well-being. 

Integrative Listening Systems

iLs is a multi-sensory program for improving brain function. The activities can be customized for all ages & skill levels, in clinics, schools, & home.


A web based program clinically proven to increase language, reading and social skills through discreet video modeling. They offer a 7 day free trial and need based scholarships.

Additional Supplements

Many children improve with the supplementation of certain fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals.  Many parents have seen positive results from methyl B-12 shots, probiotics, and omega-3 & 6 fatty acids (purity tested and mercury free) supplementation, among other things. 


PANDAS (Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with
Streptococcal Infections) occurs when strep triggers a misdirected immune response results in inflammation on a child’s brain. In turn, the child quickly begins to exhibit life changing symptoms such as OCD, anxiety, tics, personality changes, decline in math and handwriting abilities, sensory sensitivities, restrictive eating, and more.
Onset is abrupt and dramatic. Many children on the spectrum have PANDAS in addition to ASD.  If your child improves on antibiotics, or displays the symptoms PANDAS should be explored as a diagnosis.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists address a combination of cognitive, physical and motor skills. They help children and adults gain age appropriate independence and participate more fully in life. Often It focuses on skills for appropriate play or leisure skills, learning and self-care skills.


A different and effective approach in behavior intervention from ABA. It is a home based program, based on parent-directed, relationship-based play therapy. 

Toxic & Essential Elements Hair Test

A non-invasive screening test used to determine metal toxicity and mineral derangement. Available to order online. 

Lyme Disease

Lyme disease can be an underlying condition in those with ASD. If you suspect your child has Lyme, testing should be done to determine if your child is infected.


Autism Treatment online at home. Mendability is the creator and telehealth provider of Sensory Enrichment Therapy™, a clinically proven autism treatment.  They offer different cost options that can be very affordable for parents.

Speech Therapy

Speech language pathologists can provide therapy one-on-one, in a small group or in a classroom setting. Therapists who work with children have additional specialized training. Nonverbal persons with autism can benefit from a variety of augmentative and alternative communicative devices and methods.